The Perfect Pet Portrait....From Start To Finish

by Kim L. Ludwig

First of all….set up your backdrop or scene before your subjects arrive and check your lighting. I love to use my Canon 430EX Speedlight in addition to the Fong flash attachment on animal subjects. It helps to bring out those luster coats and prevents the all too known green, glowing eye effect we often see in animal photos.
I love to keep the environment fun and relaxed for the animals.
Get to know them first, give time for the sniffing around and then the real fun can begin!!

With this adorable active group, I definitely needed an extra paw…. I mean hand!
Thank goodness, the owners jumped right in to help with animal control!

No ifs, ands or butts! I couldn’t help but click away when the English Bull Dog decided to moon me! I love to create a photo session full of humorous and traditional portraits.

“Wachu Say??”
It is always helpful to have a whistle handy to get that cute head tilting shot! And of course, with permission from the owners, little dog treats are a must!
Just repeatedly get those dogs in position, and keep shooting!
You need lots of patience, and being an animal lover is a must!
Dress in cool clothes, because this can be physical work!!!

Finally…. We have our portraits! It was well worth the time! And way too much fun! Time to go rest until the next photo shoot!!